Pastor E Fowowe

Seniour Pastor

Pastor Edmond is married to his sweetheart Titilayo for over two decades and God has blessed them with two glorious children. Pastor Edmond dedicates his life to the gospel of Jesus not only in preaching, teaching but also in living it daily. He is studious both in secular education as well as in theological education. He is fair, honest and frank, he does not believe in adulterating the Word of God to suit anyone. He delivers the messages as honest as the Word is stated. He has a very high sense of humour; he is not boring neither at home, church nor anywhere.

Pastor Edmond is an open hearted man who loves God passionately and is fully committed to his glorious family. Pastor Edmond is a people lover, he is faithful to people and will not go along with people’s worldly ways because he cares for them wholeheartedly. Pastor Edmond lives his life in accordance with the word of God, he holds on to God’s promises and believes he has to live by faith, he is not only a faith preacher, but he is also a faith living preacher he preaches what he lives and lives what he preaches according to God’s word.

Pastor Edmond demonstrated his faith with his wife for many years waiting on God’s promises for the fruit of the womb, the calling into the ministry, the breakthrough in the Christian journey etc. Thanks to the faithful man of God Prophet (Dr) S.K. Abiara the World Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, he spoke God’s prophetic words and promises into our lives, we are grateful to our father in the Lord Prophet Abiara and his ministries and that’s why we are living for Christ. Yours in His service.

God bless you. F.C.S.MINSTRIES

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