FCS Ministries believes in reaching others for Christ with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not believe in taking the talk but doing the talk.We believe the best medium of outreach is the conduct of believers toward each other and the World. We have been using Television medium to reach souls and we also conduct prison visits as a medium to extend the loving hands of God to our brothers and sisters.
We also visit our brothers and sisters in Hospital with the loving healing hands of God. We also conduct the feeding of the homeless on the streets of London frequently. We do as Christ did in His days- Ministering to the total human Spirit, Soul and body
FCS Ministries is not only effective in the area of IN REACH i.e. feeding and raising christians within the church of God with the word of God and living it out daily “Living for Christ” but FCS Ministres are REACHING-OUT (OUTREACH) to the poor, forgotten, hopeless of our societies with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only with the Biblical principles but also with relevant helps they need. All these are done through committed and selfless christians that partners with us.
We are still hoping and taking steps to reach out to many in the remote areas of the world. Areas without adequate drinking water, without educational opportunities, orphans, and those without basic health opportunities. We are grateful for these opportunities given to us by God Almighty and to our partners.
 God bless you. F.C.S.MINSTRIES

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