The ministries are the ministers of the gospel’s offices through which we render Ministries
These are God’s ways of rendering help to the people who are sick such as follows:-
(1) Spiritual – heart
(2) Mental   – mind
(3) Soulish   –  soul
(4) Physical  – body
(5) Social      – neighbour
Based on the Holy Scriptures through the anointing of the Holy Spirit
For Christ’s Sake Ministries was given to me in the year 1991.  I was still a member of the church in South London.  I used to write a monthly bulletin for the men’s fellowship – It was birthed through my hunger and thirst for God’s will to be done in His children’s lives and that we believers will do whatever we do for each other and for God’s mission for the sake of what Christ did for us on the Cross at Calvary.
What grieves my heart is believers are doing things (services) for themselves and not for the love of God and for His mission on earth.  Through prayers, Bible studies, fasting and conviction by the Holy Spirit I began to change my life style and start living for the sake of Christ with the genuine love and reverence of God in my heart.
Through many years of service in God’s mission I was given the other ministries for various ministration of rendering helps to the sick as stated above.
-The Bible Is Complete which is the Bible teaching ministry of FCSM
-Standing InThe Gap is the prayer ministry of FCSM
-Christ First Christian Centre is the fellowship part of FCSM where the outreach is the soul wining section of FCSM, though we are always winning souls wherever we are as Jesus said we should all ‘Go’ and make disciples of nations.
For Christ’s Sake Ministries has a motto given to me by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which is the main reason why FCSM was granted to me and sums up my heart beat
“Living For Christ”.  If we can do everything for the sake of Christ we are definitely living for Christ.

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