We read a lot today about different types of Leadership styles.  However, no leader can lead if they do not have followers.  Isn’t it strange that the world of finance and commerce focus on course after course showing us how to be good leaders but tend to forget the majority of “followers”.  As Christians we certainly have one up on the world here.  Throughout the Bible we read about many different and varied leaders right up to, of course, the greatest leader of them all, Jesus himself.  Equally, we learn so many lessons in the Bible about those who followed leaders.  These courses are Bible-based courses examining the notions of the “follower”.  The courses will examine what it means to be a follower (disciple) and how we grow closer to the leader so that eventually we can be more like the person of Christ and less like ourselves.  These courses are recommended for every Church, especially if it is looking at outreach projects and developing disciples.

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